How to Make Fishing Rod Bag

Fishing Rod BagDo you know how to make fishing rod bag? Hubby has been asking me to make him some fishing rod bags for more than two years now! While I was finally getting my butt into gear, I believed I’d create a tutorial at the same time.


  1. Cut one piece 30cm x 123cm (or WOF if making kids sized bag as I am)
  2. Cut 1 piece 15cm x 30cm

One piece of ribbon, bias or cord 40cm


  1. Fold piece “an” in half long ways, and sew up one long side and short side.
    • I left the salvage mine, because I am making kids sized, and save me hemming the top edge.
  2. Turn it to the right way.
  3. Fold piece “b” in half long ways, stitching down two long ways.
  4. Turn to right side, and attach at the top of a bag.
  5. Find the middle of the length, straight and mark stitch full length.
    • Drew gently with chalk, or you might pin it.
    • Make sure to backstitch a couple of times near the opening as it will have regular use of fishing pole going out and in.
  6. Ribbon, bias or cord in the centre of the top of the flap.

It’s that SIMPLE!

And you’re DONE!

Fishing Rods Carrying Tube

Why you need fishing rods carrying tube? Ever get tired of bringing your poles so carefully through the tall grass, woods, or brush because they get caught on everything in their way? Want to only keep your hands free when on a beautiful trek to that fishing hole? Well, that’s what I believed, so I created this VERY simple carrying tube to collapse my rods and put them in the tube, and hit the trails! I use a carry bag for my fishing box, so I just remove the reels from the poles and place them in the bag with the tackle, and reassemble when ready to fish.

This instruction is so very simple, all the tools/ supplies you need are:

1 – 3′ ft PVC (thin wall) piece of pipe

1 – 3″ PVC Cap

Misc. bolts/nuts/washers

Drill (drill bits to match bolt sizes)


The rest are items that can be found around the house, such as the strap from a shoulder/ duffle type bag, and I chose to use some camo twist around the pipeline and Duct tape.

1 – Duct tape (if you pick)

1 – Strap

Step 1

fishing rod tube step1

First, you will need to start with materials mentioned above, buy the items shown and listed. I decided to use 3″ thin wall PVC pipe. I got some miscellaneous and included a cap for the bottom of the tube. If you have to purchase a larger size piece, that’s where the hacksaw will come in handy. 3′ feet works best for my height and frame, and standard fishing pole lengths.

Step 2

fishing rod tube step2

Self-explanatory, the cap will be fitted onto the bottom end of the PVC tube. If you opt to cover the pipe in Duct tape, it might be a little tight of a fit to move the cap over the tape.

Step 3

fishing rod tube step3

As you can see, I have installed two bolts at the top of the tube. Initially, this was to be a way to place a quickly removable cap over the reels and the open end of the tube. At this time, (the first item I intended on using (a small foam can koozie)), ripped on me and I have not gotten an alternate yet. However the concept was the koozie would have two holes, and I would move the koozie over the pipe, and stretch over the two bolts to hold it in place. You could also utilise a PVC cap as well; I have simply not had an opportunity to buy one or devise an alternate plan for a cap.

Step 4

fishing rod tube step4

The end product, I connected the strap (from duffel bag) on the bottom of the tube and towards to the top. After tightening up the bolts at the bottom, I changed the cap onto the tube. I seemed like taking it the additional step and wrapped the tube in Camo Duct tape, just for fun! (Just don’t lay it down in tall when walk away and fishing and unable to find it!) Have used it twice now. Works truly well, only throw onto your back; get to your stopping location, remount the reels onto the fishing pole and you are ready to fish again!

Choosing a Fishing Rod Case

What is the right way for choosing a fishing rod case? It is unexpected how many people are willing to invest hundreds of dollars on fishing tackle, and after that not care for it properly. How many anglers have you seen lugging naked poles to and from the boat/ bank without any form of protection at all? A fishing pole is sturdy when playing a fish, but outside of that small window of use, it is a highly fragile thing. Always use some carryall or fishing pole case when moving your expensive rods.

Fishing Rod Case Organizer

What is fishing rod case organiser? If you want to carry more than two poles, you need something a bigger. How do you fit more than one rods inside one case? That answer is, you don’t. You can fit them on the outside, much like what this pole does. This is a pole bag that can carry approximately 5 rods, already comprised. Although it ought to keep in mind that it doesn’t provide as much protection as pole cases that keep the poles internally.

It securely fastened with double straps at the top of the bag and included a quick fastener strap around the outside centre that protects gear throughout transport. Interior compartment has a lot of room to store equipment, tackle, extra reels and more.

Waterproof Double-Layer Camo Fishing Rod Carrier

Looking for waterproof double-layer Camo fishing rod carrier? Perhaps the very best alternative is something of an all-round pole case, which can carry some different rods, already, made up, and other products such as fishing umbrella and bank sticks. This is a carryall that is light but can bring lots of fishing tackle. And at less than 20 bucks it is a good deal on sure.

If you just want some basic protection for a single pole, then you just cannot beat the stark functionality of the Plano Fabric Pole Tube. It has many of padding so it’s, in fact, a pretty good pole case for offering protection. Again, it’s not waterproof, but that’s not a terrible thing at the end of the day. Fishing RodChoosing a Fishing Rod Case,Fishing Rod Case Organizer,Fishing Rods Carrying Tube,How to Make Fishing Rod Bag,Waterproof Double-Layer Camo Fishing Rod CarrierHow to Make Fishing Rod Bag Do you know how to make fishing rod bag? Hubby has been asking me to make him some fishing rod bags for more than two years now! While I was finally getting my butt into gear, I believed I'd create a tutorial at the...It's all about fishing rod & tips & guide on the best fishing rod for you