Types of Fishing Rod Case

There are a few different types of fishing rod case you can pick from, depending on your preferences and requirements. There are rigid tubes like the rod totes, bazooka tube cases, pole wraps, airline, rod socks, combo caddies, and carrier storage bags.

Just as important, there are pole cases made specifically for different kinds of a fishing pole. These consist of, spinning rods, fly rods, surf rods, casting rods, trolling rods, ice fishing rods, etc.

Top Brands of Fishing Rod Storage Cases

We have taken a look at different brands and types. We have reviewed the top brand such as Frabill, Flambeau, Filson, Mountain Cork, Plano, LL Bean, Sage Fishpond, Orvis, Eagle Claw, Daiwa, St. Croix, Fender, Shimano, Sage, and more. And so, after doing our research, we are noting down a few of our top choices here for you to review.

Our Top 3 Picks Of Fishing Rod Cases

Bass Pro Shops Spinning Reel and Rod Case

Bass Pro Shops Spinning Rod and Reel Case

Bass Pro Shops spinning reel and rod combo caddie case is made with a thick PVC protective backbone and covered with thousand denier nylon water-repellent material with reinforced joints. The pole compartment contains additional scuff cap and padding for extra protection for your spinning reel and rod.

It’s designed with a triangular, long head part and able to accept a spinning outfit no matter where the reel seat is. It is 43″ in length. Therefore you must be sure that your pole will fit inside appropriately.

White River Fly Shop Pole and Reel Case – Single 2-Piece

White River Fly Shop Rod and Reel Case

This White River Fly Shop brand name is priced to sell and is still durably built. It is made with rugged thousand denier Cordura material over a PVC protective tube and lined with nylon for extra padding for more protection.

You have an option for six different sizes and models. They vary from 60″, 38″ and 30″. And they allow for 9′ or 10′ fly poles, either two pieces, three pieces, or four pieces. It only depends on upon which one will meet your requirements.

Another positive aspect is that these reel cases and fly fishing rod are easy to carry and lightweight – toss the strap right onto your shoulder or bring it down by your side and be on your way to the fishing place.

White River Fly Shop Tri Fishing Pole and Reel Case – 9′ 4-Piece Rod

White River Fly Shop Tri Fly Rod and Reel Case

This Tri Fly fishing pole and reel case include the rugged 1000 denier Cordura material over a PVC protective tube, is lined with nylon for added padding for more protection and includes an anti-scuff pad on the bottom.

It also has an adjustable shoulder strap and a carrying handle for your travelling convenience. The tube is in triangular shaped to assist impact resistance while avoiding it from rolling around.


Additional Tips about Fishing Pole Cases

I am sure that your fishing poles and the majority of your angling equipment mean a lot to you. At least my fishing rod does. It seems tough to have fun freshwater fishing and be successful at catching fish while fretting about your gear getting damaged along the way.

A rod case is a primary option to help ensure your fishing poles will be ready the next time you decide to strike your favourite river, lake, pond or stream. Make the financial investment now and you’ll thank yourself later on.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Fishing Pole Case

Fishing Rod Case

Things you’ll need:

  • PVC pipe PVC cement and end caps (or, optionally one open female-threaded end cap and one end cap and one male-threaded end plug) A towel A fine or marker paper A rag -toothed hand saw, such as hacksaw A fabric or towel or a coping saw
  • A marker
  • PVC pipe and end caps
  • A rag or paper towel
  • A towel or cloth
  • PVC cement
  • A fine-toothed hand saw, such as a hacksaw or coping saw

Plan and Purchase Materials
Step 1
Measure the length of your fishing pole and its widest point.

Step 2
Based upon these measurements, choose and purchase PVC plastic pipe, can be found at hardware or building materials shops. The pipe’s diameter should be sufficient to fit your fishing pole comfortably inside it. Purchase PVC end caps that fit comfortably over the pipe’s ends.

Step 3
Purchase a marker, PVC cement and fine-toothed saw if needed

Step 1
If the PVC pipe is not the length you want, measure and mark the pipe so it will be a length at least an inch longer than your pole, and cut the pipe to this length with the saw. Make sure your cut is perpendicular to the length of the pipe. Remove the plastic filings (if there is any) attached to the newly cut end.

Step 2
One end cap can be cemented to the pipe if you want, although it’s not required if the caps fit on the ends. Daub cement in a circular motion around the inside the lip of the cap and the outside of the end pipe and wait a moment for the cement to set up. Put the prepared cap over the prepared end of the pipe and turn the cap about one-quarter turn. Allow the cement to harden for few minutes. Use the paper rag or towel to get rid of any cement extruding from the seam between the cap and pipe.

Step 3
If your angling pole doesn’t have a cloth bag for storage and carrying, you can wrap your pole in any towel or cloth to prevent the rod from hitting the sides of the tube when inside it. Put the pole in tube and place the other end cap over the end to seal it.

Step 4
If the removable end cap does not fit snugly on the pipe, an alternative is to cement an open female-threaded end cap to the other end of the pipe as explained in Step 2. The case then secured by screwing the male-threaded end plug into this end cap.

Tips and Warnings

  • More than one fishing pole usually can be stored in the PVC tube if they are carefully wrapped independently to prevent them from hitting each other in the tube.


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